Developer’s Hub

TrackWizz Developer’s Hub is a digital tech library
that makes understanding of APIs easy. We handhold
you with smart API documents, API sample Request
and Response, SDKs, etc. to
achieve quick and seamless integration.

CKYC Search & Download

These RESTful API help Institutions to On-Board Customers using the details available in CKYC registry of CERSAI using TrackWizz Search & Download API.

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TrackWizz Screening API can help financial institutions to screen their customers before onboarding them using 85+ datafeeds that TrackWizz offers.

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Risk Rating

TrackWizz Risk Rating API helps the financial institutions to Risk rate their customers in Low or Medium or High Risk buckets as required by the Money laundering/AML/CFT…

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Aadhar Image Masking

TrackWizz Aadhaar Image Masking helps you to redact/ mask Aadhaar number on Aadhaar Images using computer vision and Optical Character Recognition…

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