B2B Infomedia: 7th MiNE India: Technical Presentation by Sagar Tanna, Co- Founder, Trackwizz

At the 7th MiNE India 2019 B2B exhibition and conference held at New Delhi, Mr. Sagar Tanna speaks about: 1) Working of CKYC and its benefits to micro finance & NBFC institutions 2) Introduction to Information Utility (IU) and what it means to a micro finance or NBFC institution

Sagar Tanna, TSS Consultancy at Fintelekt Anti-Money Laundering 8th Annual Summit India 2018

At the Fintelekt AML 8th Annual Summit India 2018, Mr. Sagar Tanna speaks about transition from Aadhar based e-KYC customer onboarding to use of CKYC for Re-KYC of customers. He speaks of the need to migrate from Aadhar based customer onboarding to central registry of KYC i.e. CKYC for cutomer onboarding and performing Re-KYC owing to recent ban on Aadhar.

Gazette Notification authorising REs to upload electronic copy of KYC data of their clients within 10 days

Notification authorises every reporting entity to upload within ten days after the commencement of an account-based relationship with a client, file the electronic copy of the client’s KYC records with the Central KYC Records Registry. This was three days earlier.